Loss Prevention Services

The demand for loss prevention services is higher than ever and with good reason. The more technology has advanced, the more data becomes available. Business owners can now verify what they’ve been thinking for years, they are losing too much money to waste and accidents and it has to stop. Obviously, you cannot eliminate it all together. There is always going to be theft, accidents, mistakes, damages and so forth. The thing to remember is that if you can reduce that lost revenue, it’s more in your pocket at the end of the year and that’s the goal every business owner has.

So how bad is it really? Well it’s different for different businesses. For example, an accounting firm may only have wasted a couple thousand dollars last year between printing supplies, computers that weren’t utilized and so forth. A grocery store on the other hand may lose a thousand dollars a day in revenue between damaged items, theft and other issues. You can see the difference and why it’s so important to find a solution to the problem. Some businesses and even corporations lose over a million dollars a year. Is that something you can continue to do or would even want to do?

eServices offers the most effective loss prevention services on the market today. Utilizing the latest tools in the industry and thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to identify the areas you are struggling with and get them fixed, quickly. It may be in the shipping department where new routes will save on transport time and allow you to send out even more products in the same amount of time. It may be in your customer relations department where you are losing customers who want to give you money. We will help you find a way to keep the money you’ve already earned.

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